Hot water tanks need replacing every so often. As they age, they begin to leak and corrode. When that happens, it’s time to replace your hot water tank.

Before beginning, it’s imperative you choose a tank that is going to fit your space. Make sure you measure the space it will be going in, as well as the pipes to and from it so that you don’t buy a water tank that isn’t going to fit your space. To get started, you’ll need a new tank, a hacksawTeflon tapecopper flex connectors, a soldering gun, a wrench, and a garden hose. Make sure your breakers are off before getting to work. That will prevent any electrical mishaps.

1.   On the old tank, find the drain valve located at the bottom and attach one end of the garden hose to it. Depending on your workspace, put the other end of the hose outside, or in a bathtub. This will allow the tank to drain without flooding your home.

2.   Once the hose is set up, open the drain valve by turning it counterclockwise. To aid in the water draining, you can flip the pressure relief. This switch can be found on the top of the water tank.

3.   Remove the front panel, access the electrical box on the water heater. Unscrew the plastic wire caps inside to disconnect the wires.

4.   Using the hacksaw, cut the pipes leading to the water tank. The pipes should be cut about 6” from the water tank.

5.   Get rid of the old tank to make room for the new one. Be careful moving the tanks as they are heavy and cumbersome.

6.   Once the new tank is in position, connect copper flex connectors to the water supply lines. Using the soldering gun, solder the copper pipes to the existing pipes before soldering the other end of it to the tank.

7.   If a new pressure relief valve needs to be replaced, install it now. Using Teflon tape, wrap the threads of the valve, and tighten into the top of the tank using the correct wrench. This ensures a close fit.

8.   Check the drain valve to make sure it is closed.

9.   Fill the tank with water by turning on the water supply. Turn on a hot tap in the home until water runs out to let air escape.

10. It’s time to wire the tank up. The electrical panel on the new tank can be accessed the same way it was on the old one. Connect the wires from the home to the hot water junction box. The cover of the junction box can be covered and secured with its screws now.

11. After the heater is filled, turn the power back on and adjust the temperature. The temperature should be set to 120 degrees for safety.

Go inside and enjoy a hot shower after all that hard work!

11 Steps To Replace A Hot Water Tank Simply