When we don’t get hot water, it means that our water heater is not working properly.There can be so many different things that can be troubleshooting.  Here given are various water heater problems and the ways to diagnose them. Before going for repair, it is necessary to find the real culprit.

  • Problem #1

No Hot Water

  • Reason

Pilot light is gone out.

When pilot light is gone out, you will get no hot water at all. The foremost thing to check when you don’t get hot water is the pilot light. Your owner’s manual is the guide to relight it. If you are unsure how to do that, you can call the professional to do the job.

  • Problem #2

Water leakage near the heater

  • Reason

Loose valve or leaky pipes

When water is seeping from the tank, you will find the floor wet near the water heater. There can be two possibilities, either the valve is loosen or the pipe is damaged. Tighten the valve and if still you find water that means there is a pipe leakage. Mostly, water heater leaks because of the loose valves. Other reason can be a damaged heating element or an obstructed vent. 

  • Problem #3

Strange noises from the water heater

  • Reason

Scale is broken off.

The strange noises is because of the sediment that is accumulated in the hard-water scale and broken it off. In this situation, there is the requirement of sediment removal from the tank. You have to call the professional to do the job.

  • Problem #4

Luke warm water or it is not heated as it used to be.

  • Reason

Thermostat setting is out, broken dip tube, sedimentation.

When the water is not heated enough, there is a chance that your thermostat settings have been changed. This problem will also occur if – for many days – you haven’t flushed the tank. Sedimentation can also lower the end water heating. Broken dip tube also reduces water temperature as cold water and hot water will mix up together. To check if the dip tube is broken, remove the cold water supply line to check it.

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