You have spotted a leak near your hot water heater.  It is something that must be taken care of immediately, failure to do so can actually cause long-term illnesses because of mildew and mold spread.  To safely remove, replace, or repair a hot water heater, it is critical that you turn off all the power and disconnect that utilities from the appliance.  We also do recommend that you use a container to get any residue water out of the hot water heater.  You can even use a garden hose to easily drain the tank outside of the house.

Shut Off the Water

The very first thing you want to do is to have a flashlight ready.  You may want to make sure that you are actually using a flashlight and not a smartphone light.  It is very easy to have the phone slip out of your hands and fall into the water.  You will want to locate the hot water heater’s pipeline of supply.  This should be located near the upper portion of the hot water heater tank.  After this, you should get a sturdy ladder to climb up and determine which pipe is the cold supply line.

After you have found the cold supply line, you will want to keep following it until you have found the water supply valve.  This special valve is located about a yard away from the hot water heater itself.

Remember, you will want to turn the valve counterclockwise, or left, in order to get to the off position.  If you are unable to find it, you will want to find a utility closet.  If you are in an apartment, you may want to ask for service – if they do not offer it, then you simply want to follow it to the building’s exterior.

Shut Off the Fuel or Electric Source

When you are in the process of shutting off fuel.  It is important that you use a flashlight.  Please do not use any type of match or anything that resembles fire, this could lead to potentially harmful consequences.  You will want to find the black gas pipe.  This can be tracked by following the pipe to the opening near the access door of the hot water heater.

You can easily follow this pipe to find the gas line’s shut off valve.  It has red, yellow, and on some rare occasions, orange handles.  Simply rotate this to the off position.

If you have an electric water heater, it is critical that you do this step before you take any steps in trying to repair a leak.  All the breakers should be labeled.  If you are unable to find out which breaker controls your water heater, we do recommend consulting a professional to deal with the situation.

Once you do find it, simply switch it the breaker/fuse to the off position.  After you do this, you will want to turn off all power in the home by disconnecting breaker switch.  This is critical as you do not want any accidental wires to be turned on while you are working with electricity.

Getting a Garden Hose

After this step, the tank must be drained.  The garden hose is female fitting and therefore wraps around the drain cock of the hot water heater.  You simply want to have this gardening hose lead to the outside.  By doing this you can actually use the water in the heater to tend to the plants.

By applying these steps, you can surely shut off any leaking hot water heater.

How to Shut Off Leaking Hot Water Heater